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The Tutoring Opportunity

LiteracyWORKS provides rewarding experiences for volunteers to give to their community through various volunteering opportunities.

The most common way to volunteer with LiteracyWORKS is to become a tutor and work one-to-one with someone wanting to improve their basic literacy skills. We provide training for new tutors in the form of a 12-hour workshop. Workshops are generally held twice a year (Spring & Fall)

Tutors are expected to commit to a minimum of one year. Learner/tutor pairs meet a minimum of once each week for 2 hours. Tutors are matched with a learner according to availability, area of the city and other criteria.

Information for current tutors

Submitting hours

For address changes or to report volunteer hours,
contact Deane at 786-1212.

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Click here to learn more.