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Province of Manitoba, Adult Learning & Literacy (our funders)

National Adult Literacy Database – A wealth of information on matters pertaining to adult literacy

Literacies - a journal and web site for adult literacy researchers and practitioners

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

PowerPath -an excellent informal assessment tool that has been validated with thousands of adult learners with learning disabilities

Scotopic Sensitivity

LD Online, USA – excellent resources

All Kinds of Minds, USA – excellent strategies for various difficulties

The International Dyslexia Association, USA

National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs, USA

Bridges to Practice, USA – strategies for working with learners with learning disabilities

The Basic Skills Agency, UK

Brain research

Essential Skills
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Coalitions and National Organizations

Literacy Partners of Manitoba – a coalition of literacy programs throughout Manitoba.

ABC Canada

Charity Village - Canada's supersite for the non-profit sector - news, training, jobs, information and resources.

Movement for Canadian Literacy

National Institute for Literacy, USA


International Adult Literacy Survey – access to the database via Stats Canada.

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