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About LiteracyWORKS


LiteracyWorks offers programming with outcomes aimed at providing learners with essential literacy skills to enhance their self-sufficiency and quality of life. We run classes taught by a certified instructor and offer one-to-one tutoring by trained volunteers. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2008, making LiteracyWorks the longest-running literacy program in the province.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
LiteracyWorks envisions a Winnipeg in which all adults are literate and able to participate fully in their cultural, economic and social worlds.

Our Mission:
Through classes and one-to-one tutoring, and based on the individual needs of each student, LiteracyWorks provides people with essential literacy skills to enhance self-sufficiency and quality of life. These include reading, writing, numeracy and oral communications skills.

Our Values:
LiteracyWorks aims to provide services in a way that is student-centred, professional, safe, supportive, inclusive and celebratory.

If you can read this, you may not consider literacy a priority. You may surf the internet, send emails to colleagues and friends, shop online and discuss the books you read in a book club.

For some adults in Manitoba, the reality is very different. They struggle to grocery shop, follow a recipe, fill out an application for employment and can’t read their kids a bedtime story.

What is Literacy?

Literacy is the ability to understand and employ printed information in daily activities at home, at work and in the community – to achieve one’s goals and to develop one’s knowledge and potential.

FACT: 48% of Canadian adults have low literacy skills.
Source: Canadian Council on Learning

How YOU can Support Us

Please click here to view our LiteracyWORKS Sponsorship Package PDF.

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